Council 13236 Home


The Knights of Columbus are a unique “band of brothers” who share values and mutual support for living our Catholic faith. We work together to create results which would be impossible to accomplish alone. We provide faithful support for our parish with our involvement and work in parish ministries as ushers, choir members, readers, and extraordinary ministers. We assist in planning, setting up, cooking and cleaning up after church functions. We provide assistance and help meet the needs of those in our local communities. We operate support programs that benefit people with intellectual disabilities (Operation LAMB). We actively support Right to Life Programs, we run a Seminarian Support Fund Raiser, and run or assist with many other parish programs as well.

Standing Together In Faith

Members of our Council 13236 have been active in our parish since 2003 (the year of our charter). The Knights of Columbus is not merely a fraternity in name; it is a true brotherhood of Catholic men actively working together to improve the world, one community at a time. We stand together in faith, dedicated to uphold the principles we cherish while lending our support and strength to parish, home and fellow Knights.


Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to men 18 years of age or older who are practical (that is, practicing) Catholics. This means that an applicant or member accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church. Joining as a First Degree Knight, members may advance to the level of Third Degree Knight, which is the highest degree of a council. They can then advance to a Fourth Degree Knight or “Patriotic Degree” as member of an Assembly.

Join Us!

Our Council meets on the First Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM in rooms 1, 2, 5 & 6 of the Parish Life Center. We invite other men of our parish to join our council and become a Knight of Columbus – to work with us, build your faith and enjoy the camaraderie of our organization. See our Join The Knights page for more information.