Prayers – Fr. Joe 11/3/22

Prayers Requested by Father Joe (11/3/22)

These prayers were provided by Deacon Mike at our November 3, 2022 council meeting.

Father Joe has requested that all Brothers pray them as often as possible – ideally each day. For our good and the good of our Parish, our families, and our Council we ask all Knights to honor Father’s request. (Click here to download PDF)

Prayer To Our Blessed Mother

Blessed Mother, for us all I ask your intercession for the grace to grow in a lively and fruitful devotion to you. Especially help us to embrace and follow your example of humble obedience to God and your loving and fruitful devotion to your Son.

Prayer For Our Children, Youth, And Young Adults

Blessed Mother, with St. Therese Lisieux, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St John Bosco, St Joseph, St Paul and St Monica, I ask your continued intercession for all of the children, youth and young adults of our day, especially of our parish family, for those trapped in bondage to drugs, alcohol, fornication, slothfulness, indifference and the homosexual lifestyle, and particularly for (name/s). By the help of your intercession may they be drawn to and helped to embrace a living faith in your Son, especially embracing His Eucharistic Presence, the beating Heart of God’s Holy Church. In Him may they find true freedom, hope and purpose for their lives. For all those whom God is calling to Holy Orders and the Religious Life (especially name/s) and the seminarians of our diocese, that they may be blessed with the graces they need to humbly receive God’s call and to fruitfully receive the graces God grants them to prepare for and live their call.

Prayer For Intercession For Our Parish Family

Blessed Mother, with St. John Fisher, St Thomas More, St Paul and St. Charles Borromeo (patron saint of parishes), I ask your intercession for our parish family. May we be purged of all demonic oppression, malevolent influence and bondage and purified of all of our sins, especially of pride, greed, envy, jealousy, anger, lust, gluttony, slothfulness and indifference that we may humbly embrace the fulness of Truth God has revealed in His Church and faithfully, fruitfully live it, and be made humble, obedient and reverent in our reception of the Sacraments that we may grow in faithfulness to God in mind and heart, in generosity with our time, talents and resources, and in faithful service to God, our neighbor and to one another.

Prayer For More Vocations

Blessed Mother, with St John Newman, St John Vianney, St Padre Pio, Sts. Francis and Dominic, Sts. Leo and Gregory the Great, St John Paul II, St Lawrence and St Paul, I ask your intercession for all those whom God has called to Holy Orders for the purification, renewal and restoration of the diaconate, presbyterate and episcopate in our day. May they be purged of all demonic oppression and malevolent influence and bondage and purified of all sinfulness, especially of pride, greed, envy, jealousy, anger, lust, gluttony, slothfulness and indifference, that they may humbly embrace the fullness of Truth God has revealed in His Church and faithfully and fruitfully proclaim it in word and in deed and celebrate the sacraments worthily, with reverence and generosity for the sanctifying of God’s Church. Especially for our Pope (Francis), our bishop (Peter) and all the bishops of our day that they may be worthy, faithful, zealous and courageous successors of Peter and the Apostles for our day, faithfully and fruitfully exercising their office in the Church for Her renewal, restoration and upbuilding.

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