Assembly 779 Meeting

Assembly 779 Meeting

July 20, 2023

Sir Knights are invited to attend our May Assembly 779 meeting.

Be sure to attend! In addition to other business, we will vote for our 2023-2024 slate of officers. Here are the nominations:

Faithful Friar                     Larry Lisk
Faithful Navigator            David Wiese
Faithful Captain                Michael Wachter
Faithful Pilot                      Jerome Dixon
Faithful Comptroller        Jerry Byrd
Faithful Scribe                   Joseph Krish
Faithful Purser                  Joshua Myers
Faithful Sentinels             Peter Ashby, Joseph Vodenchar
Faithful Admiral                Albert Marek
Faithful Trustees              Gary Chapman, Dante Camia, Marshall Perry

See you there!

St. Paul Fellowship Hall
St. Paul Family Life Center
2715 Horsepen Creek Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27410
United States

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